Writing for the Internet

Writing for the Internet

Part of my duties as a global internal communications business partner is to create and tell the stories of Terumo BCT on their intranet–"myWorkNet", bringing information and updates to Terumo BCT's associates on an every other day cadence. These articles, stories come to me in various forms: company press releases, submissions, happenings, etc. The article below came from a press release on 11 July 2016. The article was created, pushed through the process and published on 12 July 2016. I project manage these articles through a process of scheduling, article creation, quality check, stakeholder and manager approval.

12 July 2016
Terumo BCT Awarded $1.9 Million from the United States (U.S.) Government to Support Development of Freeze-Dried Plasma (FDP)

July 11, 2016—We are pleased to announce that we at Terumo BCT have been awarded initial funding of $1.9 million from the U.S. Government, with the potential to extend the total sum up to $16 million. The funding will support the development of a freeze-dried plasma (FDP) product.

The US Government is interested in FDP as it could potentially save lives. For example,d lives of soldiers who are often on far away missions from their bases. From a civilian perspective FDP could be available at the site of an trauma accident or for a critically ill patient in a hospital.

The advantage of FDP is the product’s ability to overcome logistical limitations of traditionally used Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)–waiting time of up to 45 minutes, limited shelf life and the need for temperature control. FDP can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated for long periods of time. It can be transported and quickly rehydrated. This could be an answer to an unmet need.

This contract with the U.S. Government is a testament to the credibility and capability of Terumo BCT to execute these kinds of projects with our unique combination of talent and experience in working with blood products. FDP is not commercially available in U.S., developing countries nor most of the developed world. This means that we are one of the few companies vying to commercialize and help saves lives via FDP. Another advantage that we have is our ability to incorporate pathogen reduction technologies, like Mirasol with FDP, not only makes the plasma available “where and when it’s needed”, but also makes it safer from various pathogen risks.

“…Terumo BCT is honored and excited to be recognized as a leader and innovator. Our approach has the potential to change the standard of care and make plasma available to both soldiers and civilians at the point of injury.”
~Frank Corbin, Vice President, New Venture Technologies

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